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Global Branding

When the global health-science company InQPharm, launched its first direct-to-consumer brand, bmiSMART, we were brought on to work with the North American, Asian and European marketing teams to bring the new line of weight-loss products to a global market.

Building the bmi Brand Story

30 years ago, mindfulness was a Buddhist principle mostly obscure to the west. Today, it's a cure-all for Americans' problems.

Meditation apps have familiarized audiences with the concept of mindfulness as an antidote to stressful, unhealthy lifestyles, with CEO's, Silicon Valley gurus and members of Congress touting its importance.

Brand Positioning

bmiSMART is a more thoughtful, intelligent and effective way to lose weight and gain a healthy lifestyle.

bmiSMART Brand Cuboct

The graphic element in the bmiSMART logo is designed in the shape of a cuboctahedron (cubcot). This multi-faceted, integrated form is made stronger by the combination and intersection of shapes. It symbolizes an intelligent epicenter to build upon - a foundation to begin the weight loss journey.

Primary Logo Design
Logo Mark Used on Packets


Brandon Grotesque

Brandon Grotesque (a single typeface) was selected for the simplicity and elegance it lends to the bmiSMART™ brand. This typeface shall be used for all consumer-facing brand collateral (packaging, ads, website content, etc). This is the preferred typeface for the US market and is highly recommended for all bmiSMART™ global brand communications.


Quicksand is a free Google typeface that may be used in place of Brandon Grotesque in a web environment; however, it should only be used when Brandon Grotesque is not available. The Quicksand typeface shall not be used as the typeface for any branded print content or consumer-facing packaging.


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